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Who Is Wendy?

Wendy Jacobs is an expert in behavioural change. She is an internationally recognised behavioural change expert, accredited therapist and Speaker. Wendy holds an honours degree in psychology and has helped hundreds of people across Australia create phenomenal changes in their lives.

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What is Coaching?

Coaching inspires you to learn more about yourself, your choices and your life goals. Everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams and goals. But often things get in the way and/or we get distracted. Imagine having the confidence of knowing what you want and how to get it. Early life coaching, in Melbourne and in other cities, allows people to define their own futures and set achievable milestones.


What is “Strategic” Counselling and Intervention?

Strategic Intervention uses the most powerful and effective process available today for creating dramatic and lasting emotional and behavioural change. It is the accumulation of the most powerful processes known to not only transform but redefine your current reality. It can be applied to career counselling, as well as coaching towards specific goals including weight loss, depression counselling and performance.


The Leader in YOU!

The leader in You is a program that teaches teens that every decision big or small will ultimately impact their life or that of someone else. This program is about being accountable for your life and your decisions. The program looks at the most effective leadership values and belief structures, so that your teen may approach the world with insight and wisdom. For young adults and mature clients seeking fresh direction, it’s also the ideal form of career counselling for seeing your options with the energy and hope you need.


8 Steps to a Winning Life

8 steps to a winning life provides a step by step proven framework that will have your teen experience improved self-image and self-confidence as well as experience a strong sense of happiness and empowerment. These teens will learn exactly how to build empowering friendships and know when it is time to step away from negative peer pressure. They will learn how to set and achieve important goals.